A 3 day blackout to cure algae from your planted tank

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There is some work ongoing on the website. Don’t let some empty pages fool you. We are still working on content.So here it is.

I introduce you to my algae farm, a 30L nano cultivating GSA, GDA, BBA, hair and cladophora algae.Maybe some staghorn also hidden in there. No BGA or green water but can’t have it all.

Water changes are minimal, fertilization is random, CO2 is way low and flow is just a suggestion. However light is strong, feeding of the corries is done abundantly with live food. What can I say, I really try to create the perfect conditions for algae to thrive guys. Now that there is enough variety and amount of algae in the tank we can try and see how different methods work.

Day 1

Planted aquarium with green dot algae and fuzz algae.

GDA, GSA with a healthy munching from the snails. Some BBA also visible.

BBA algae and hair algae in a different part of the aquarium

BBA and hair algae in the front. Cladophora in the back.

A blackout seem to regain some popularity in the hobby. There is an entire recipe for the blackout. Some going as far as saying that you should take more than 1 h to remove the covers, otherwise fish will go blind… hmm crazy false news world.

Covered aquarium with cardboard, blanket and alluminium foil as part of the blackout treatment against algae

3 Day blackout
Rules of the game: As the blackout has to be the only factor that destroys the algae no other change will be done to the aquarium. This means: no water changes, no cleaning, all the crap stays in, all the filters and CO2 keep going. I will compromise on not feeding though so as to avoid any light contamination.

For 72h from time of complete coverup, the aquarium will not get any light or intervention. Just utter darkness. During this time algae may or may not be alive.

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