How I mix my EI macro and GH Booster solutions

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I received several question regarding what/how I mix in my solutions. Here are the recipes for 2017:

Estimative Index (extra P) macro solution:

In 1 L bottle I add :

130g KNO3 ; 23g KH2PO4 ; 59 K2SO4 ; 1L RO water*

5ml in 100L result in

4ppm NO3; 0.8ppm PO43-; 4.17ppm K+

Source:  The Estimative Index of Dosing, or No Need for Test Kits (

GH Booster:

In 1L bottle I add:

33g CaSO4*2H2O ; 28g MgSO4*7H2O ; up to 1L RO water*

4ml in 100L results in

0.3ppm Ca2+ and 0.11ppm Mg2+

Source: GH Booster (

*I measure the substance individually and mix them in a gradated vessel. After everything is in, I boil RO water and let it cool a little bit until comfortable to touch. This increased temperature helps dissolve the salts. I add this water up to the 1L mark and mix well. Then pour in a clean bottle and store in a cool dark place.

These are my solutions for this period, as you may notice they differ from what is given in the sources. I may modify them again if I consider it would improve the results in the display aquariums. I find that K is enough from EI without adding it to the GH booster. Conversely I find my plants do better with more PO43- then generally recommended by EI. How much to dose and how frequent is a discussion for another time.


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